Winter House: Chapter 8

Prairie had barely taken him a few yards into the woods when she stopped and became agitated. Looking over the forest floor, Henry expected to see a snake or other animal, but he found none. Briefly, he thought he smelled death again. The horse’s nervous demeanor held his attention though, and to avoid risk of being bucked off, he dismounted. He led Prairie forward until he found a small clearing.

Tattooed Mice

The other night in group you told everyone that you knew I was a better writer. That the work you held in your hand, that you’d read the week before, was full of potential and awe. That you knew I could do better. You knew it. But how did you know? You’ve never read anything else […]

It Might Be A Soft J

Sharing work with another person, in person, is nerve wracking. I hated sharing papers in college. Professors I could handle disappointing, but my friends? Ugh. On the other hand that was “scholarly” work. Being critical of someone’s ability to cite sources is very different from critiquing someone else’s imagination.

An Every Year Resolution

There is one thing I’ve really emphasized for myself in the last one to two years. Well, more so in the last six months. I have intentionally pressed myself to be more accepting of life in general. I don’t mean settling, and I certainly don’t mean giving in to things that otherwise might cause conflict. […]

It’s NaNoWriMo Time!

Last year I took it upon myself to challenge…myself, to try out NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. That means that for the whole month of November, I’m challenging myself to write 50,000 words. That’s a little over 1,600 words per day. Up until this point, I’ve stayed in the realm of short stories. I actually […]

Midnight Twinkle

Martin pressed the indiglo button and checked his watch. 8:38 p.m. He looked up to his two children as they walked down their neighbor’s sidewalk. “Okay gang, I think that about does it.” Marcy, the nine-year-old, looked at him with her My Little Pony painted face. “Awwwww, do we have to?!” “Yeah, dad, we haven’t even […]