Winter House: Chapter 10

Rian continued let his hand gently drag across some of the illegible pages, as if to will them back to their original state. At first glance he could understand why the museum didn’t show interest. The entries were scattered by date. The illegible pages only made the time gaps worse. One entry was a description of the previous captain in charge of the fort and Taylor’s evident disapproval. Another described the ragged defense of the fort and the eventual rescue from siege by Colonel Russell’s forces. But the most strange entry was the mention of a single man offering to save the fort before the Colonel arrived. According to the book, the man offered to save the whole fort in exchange for the life of a child.

Winter House: Chapter 9

Remainders of dust still flitted around in the light of his lantern. He pulled the case up along one of the walls where they could be easily stacked without being seen from outside. As he stood, he took a moment to look at the drawings on the walls.

Winter House: Chapter 6

What if you knew the history of the house you just purchased? What if that history was unsettling? What if all of the stories of the previous owners, which you thought were unrelated, turned out to be a series of events that decided your fate without asking?

The next installment of my serial novel, Winter House, is out now. 

From the Rocks

“Shite that’s a big fall,” Arlen said, leaning over the cliff. The morning sea mist swirled in the breeze as the sun began to break over the horizon. “How’d you find it?” asked Nolan. He turned to glance back at the American girl wrapped in a blanket. Mrs. MacCann was sitting with her, trying to […]

Salvation (an excerpt)

The gray haze of Midwestern humidity hung over the stopped traffic on Interstate 70. Matthew clicked the radio on to hear the news while he waited for the wheels to start turning again. Commuting to his office in St. Louis from Illinois was getting old. Every morning he regretted listening to his wife, convincing him […]

Salvation (an introduction)

In the darkness there is, something. Philosophers have said that evil is merely the absence of good. That the very word, “evil”, is a simple description we use to describe the absence of an omnipresent being. The problem with that argument is if a being is omnipresent, all things must exist in it. The same […]

Commuter Woes

The left turn into the office was literally the worst. At 8 a.m. the sun was barreling down the four lane highway, doing its best to blind any commuter trying to make it east on a Monday morning. Nothing short of blacked-out sunglasses and tinted windows could prevent Kara’s retinas from what would certainly be […]

What’s that?

“He slogged me in the gut,” Mike said, bent halfway over. Tommy asked, “He what?” Mike coughed slightly, holding his middle with his arms wrapped around. “He slogged me. Man that hurt!” Tommy glanced over to Jerry. “What’d you do to him?” “He was bein’ obnoxious so I tapped him in the gut,” Jerry shrugged. […]

The Sharper Blade (an excerpt)

When I looked back over to Dale, he’d resumed the “my head might explode” position. At this point I was satisfied Dale wasn’t going to be any trouble. I looked down to Chuck, who had decided it was a good idea to take care of the rest of his customers. He glanced down at me. […]