A Letter

I wonder, to what end will you pursue your goal? In a decade you have made me the center of your existence. The hatred you have cultivated is now your only purpose. If you achieve your aim, will you be sated? What then will you live for? To the rest of your life, now built […]

God Only Knows

I bet it drives you crazy when you see photos of them together. I bet I think about it more than you do. Maybe we think about it the same amount. Your thoughts are so loud I can’t hear your mouth. You set us up for this. You and your fan base. You refused to step in front of them […]

In the Place We Stayed

When I checked into the hotel I wasn’t really thinking about it. There wasn’t a reason for it to pop in my head. The lobby had been remodeled; it didn’t look anything like when we stayed there. Anyway, I don’t remember the lobby, I remember the four walls that kept us company for a weekend. […]

I Heard the News Today

I heard the news today, oh boy… It was the last thing I expected to hear on an ice cold Friday morning. Last time I saw you, you had a smile on your face, happy to be out of a job that you hated and in a new one that at least kept you busy. […]

That Time I Drove to Denver

You were right all along. It nearly killed me the first time I admitted that to myself. You were right. It was meant to be, but not forever. In the spiraling self-destruction you set in motion I found peace. As you choked the oxygen out of my lungs you used it to light a fire […]