Hate Leads to Suffering

If fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate, then hate most certainly leads to suffering. For everyone involved. For the one holding onto their hate, most of all. In my second post of this three-part thought train, I discussed how anger leads to hate, and how anger is an evolved manifestation of fear. […]

Hautian Heroes: Mission of the Market

A quick examination of Vigo County alone reveals much about the economic condition of rural Indiana. As of 2015 the poverty rate was 20.4% among households, 25.2% among children under the age of 18. (Stats Indiana, 2017) That means in 2016 there were an estimated 15,400 food stamp recipients, just in Vigo County. Add in […]

Happiness: It’s Only 2%

There are moments in each of our lives that are pivotal. Experiences that shift our direction, sometimes like a violent storm rising up on a long ocean voyage. Other events are subtle, as if we’re floating down a river that suddenly splits but we don’t notice because we’re too busy hiding the cooler full of […]