The Ladder

Ari’s desk clock read 6:34 p.m. His cell phone wasn’t ringing, which meant that his wife had resigned to the idea he would miss their son’s little league game. Again. He sighed and rested his face in his hands. Two more pages, he thought. Just two more pages and I can get out of here. […]

Hautian Heroes: Running the Relay

I met Rachel Romas…well, I can’t exactly remember when. Five, six years ago? Maybe longer. Time tends to get wibbly-wobbly when you get close to people. It was at a Relay event in Greencastle, I know that much. I distinctly recall my Dad telling me how impressed with Rachel he was because she worked tirelessly. […]

When He’s Gone

Few things depress me more than the sound of a childless house. Our time with my son comes and goes so quickly it’s difficult to adjust. By the time we’ve all settled in, he’s gone and the waiting game begins anew. He is not quite nine years old, stands at 4′ 10″. The days of curling […]

Happiness: It’s Only 2%

There are moments in each of our lives that are pivotal. Experiences that shift our direction, sometimes like a violent storm rising up on a long ocean voyage. Other events are subtle, as if we’re floating down a river that suddenly splits but we don’t notice because we’re too busy hiding the cooler full of […]

A Good Old Fashioned Hautian Christmas

It wasn’t until I moved back to Indiana the nostalgic image of what I identified as a “good old fashioned Christmas” returned to me. Like a brick to the head I realized what I wanted was the feeling of the season. I wanted the feeling of family, of honest giving. The traditional part of it […]

On the Consistency of Change

I remember (vaguely) attending a seminar one evening while I was in undergrad that would give me extra credit if I could write a one-page summary of the topic. The presentation was given by a mathematics professor at my school, the subject was Chaos Theory. You may recognize the term from Jeff Goldblum’s character in […]

Underground, Never Found

I can’t say I have anything specific for this word, underground. Save for the phrase that popped into my head that I used as the title. A quick web search for “never found” yields images of the quote: “Lost time is never found.” Apparently Benjamin Franklin said it. Honestly I’d never encountered it before. The image […]

Zen and the Art of Tree House Building

It began as an obsession. You see, I have a way of diving into things until I’ve learned everything I think that I can, and then I’m satisfied. So, when I decided I wanted to build a tree house (instead of wasting money on one of those pre-fab things) it was all too easy for […]