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From Necessity to Hobby: The Devolution of the Home Garden

Considering food is one of the three main staples for survival, you'd think people would pay more attention to where it comes from and how it's grown. I think it's unfortunate that "organic" food has become a luxury for the... Continue Reading →

Hautian Heroes: Mission of the Market

A quick examination of Vigo County alone reveals much about the economic condition of rural Indiana. As of 2015 the poverty rate was 20.4% among households, 25.2% among children under the age of 18. (Stats Indiana, 2017) That means in... Continue Reading →

Short Story Long

Did you know there are word lengths associated with different story types? Oh, you did? Well, yeah, me too. Duh! Right? Ha...heh...okay.... So I have trouble with categorizing things sometimes. When is a short story really short, or just flash... Continue Reading →

Into an Indiana Sunset

There‚Äôs just something about driving west on 40 on a Sunday evening, staring into the sunset. Particularly when the woman you love says "Let's take the backroads home" because you know you're thinking the same thing. That bright yellow-orange ball... Continue Reading →

So I’m Sitting Here, On A Friday

Here I am. At work (ugh). On a Friday (uggh). It's a little dreary outside (ugggh). I just read a satirical article about Mike Pence's stare-down of North Korea (huh). Then for some reason I thought about the worm farm... Continue Reading →

When Raymond decided he was going to die, the feelings he perceived were not as he expected. He recalled that as his mother approached her own death, at the age of 99, he witnessed her speaking to relatives long passed.... Continue Reading →

The Layover (Part 2)

If I could have formed words they would have had to traverse the landscape of a dried out, raspy voice too choked on disbelief to make any sense. All this time I'd put between us. The crushing heartache I felt for years after we parted. My struggle to forgive myself, and her, for all our transgressions and missteps. I'd worked so hard to get over it. And I was drowning in a thunderstorm of overwhelming uncertainty. I had a child. With her. Lighting flashed close, snapping me back from my sea of panic to our table in the airport.

Tattooed Mice

The other night in group you told everyone that you knew I was a better writer. That the work you held in your hand, that you'd read the week before, was full of potential and awe. That you knew I... Continue Reading →

On the death of creativity

I started seeing a counselor (therapist, or whatever) just before Christmas in 2015. Not because I was feeling depressed. I decided to go because I was stuck. I needed an objective sounding board to help me sort through the endless... Continue Reading →

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