That Hopey Changey Thing

Remember when Sarah Palin stood up in front of a crowd in 2010 and asked, “How’s that hopey, changey thing workin’ out?” At the time I thought that speech was absurd because if anything stifled the “hope” movement of the Obama era, it was the obstinate Republican Congress. Lately, I have to admit Sarah, it’s been a long road.

Short Story Long

Did you know there are word lengths associated with different story types? Oh, you did? Well, yeah, me too. Duh! Right? Ha…heh…okay…. So I have trouble with categorizing things sometimes. When is a short story really short, or just flash fiction? Apparently it’s flash fiction if it’s less than one thousand words. I guess that […]

So I’m Sitting Here, On A Friday

Here I am. At work (ugh). On a Friday (uggh). It’s a little dreary outside (ugggh). I just read a satirical article about Mike Pence’s stare-down of North Korea (huh). Then for some reason I thought about the worm farm I just put together last night (ha!). Then I decided to glance over a blog […]

Tattooed Mice

The other night in group you told everyone that you knew I was a better writer. That the work you held in your hand, that you’d read the week before, was full of potential and awe. That you knew I could do better. You¬†knew it. But how did you know? You’ve never read anything else […]

Anxiously Love

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. New love wasn’t supposed to be this stressful. She’d never felt anything like it before. It was unnerving. She felt so confined, restricted. Love was supposed to be powerful and freeing. A welcome addition to an already exciting life. Instead of adding to it, this “love” was […]

…and neither do you

I’ve read two insightful articles this week. The first, by Yonatan Zunger, was an objective breakdown of President Trump’s first eight days in office. In his analysis Zunger suggests the actions taken by the new administration are evidence of a trial run at a coup d’etats that would ultimately put foreign powers at the helm […]