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From the Rocks

"Shite that's a big fall," Arlen said, leaning over the cliff. The morning sea mist swirled in the breeze as the sun began to break over the horizon. "How'd you find it?" asked Nolan. He turned to glance back at... Continue Reading →

Midnight Twinkle

Martin pressed the indiglo button and checked his watch. 8:38 p.m. He looked up to his two children as they walked down their neighbor's sidewalk. "Okay gang, I think that about does it." Marcy, the nine-year-old, looked at him with... Continue Reading →

On the Consistency of Change

I remember (vaguely) attending a seminar one evening while I was in undergrad that would give me extra credit if I could write a one-page summary of the topic. The presentation was given by a mathematics professor at my school,... Continue Reading →

Millions of Peaches

This was the first thing that popped into my mind. All of a sudden I'm on a pool deck getting ready for swim practice. Move into the country and enjoy some Friday nostalgia. via Daily Prompt: Millions

Salvation (an excerpt)

The gray haze of Midwestern humidity hung over the stopped traffic on Interstate 70. Matthew clicked the radio on to hear the news while he waited for the wheels to start turning again. Commuting to his office in St. Louis... Continue Reading →

Underground, Never Found

I can't say I have anything specific for this word, underground. Save for the phrase that popped into my head that I used as the title. A quick web search for "never found" yields images of the quote: "Lost time is... Continue Reading →


    via Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

Line in the Sand

Firstly, I recognize this post will slowly sink into the abyss that is the realm of discussion revolving around this year's presidential election in the U.S. I promise you, though, this isn't a post about the candidates, or their positions,... Continue Reading →

Commuter Woes

The left turn into the office was literally the worst. At 8 a.m. the sun was barreling down the four lane highway, doing its best to blind any commuter trying to make it east on a Monday morning. Nothing short... Continue Reading →

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