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Short Stories

When Raymond decided he was going to die, the feelings he perceived were not as he expected. He recalled that as his mother approached her own death, at the age of 99, he witnessed her speaking to relatives long passed.... Continue Reading →

The Layover (Part 2)

If I could have formed words they would have had to traverse the landscape of a dried out, raspy voice too choked on disbelief to make any sense. All this time I'd put between us. The crushing heartache I felt for years after we parted. My struggle to forgive myself, and her, for all our transgressions and missteps. I'd worked so hard to get over it. And I was drowning in a thunderstorm of overwhelming uncertainty. I had a child. With her. Lighting flashed close, snapping me back from my sea of panic to our table in the airport.

Love Anxiously

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. When you loved someone they were supposed to love you back. Completely. In the same way. The way you loved them. But that wasn't how this was going. Instead it was one-sided.... Continue Reading →

Layover (Part 1)

The woman and I stared at one another. I assumed she was equally surprised. Her smile showed first. It wasn’t a happy smile, or even a smirk. Maybe it wasn’t a smile at all. Her lips parted as the corners of her mouth moved upward. A jingle came from my phone to let me know that my wife had sent a text message. It scared me half to death and I nearly dropped it to the floor. With a death grip on my phone I glanced back up. She was still there.

It Might Be A Soft J

Sharing work with another person, in person, is nerve wracking. I hated sharing papers in college. Professors I could handle disappointing, but my friends? Ugh. On the other hand that was "scholarly" work. Being critical of someone's ability to cite sources is very different from critiquing someone else's imagination.

From the Rocks

"Shite that's a big fall," Arlen said, leaning over the cliff. The morning sea mist swirled in the breeze as the sun began to break over the horizon. "How'd you find it?" asked Nolan. He turned to glance back at... Continue Reading →

Midnight Twinkle

Martin pressed the indiglo button and checked his watch. 8:38 p.m. He looked up to his two children as they walked down their neighbor's sidewalk. "Okay gang, I think that about does it." Marcy, the nine-year-old, looked at him with... Continue Reading →

On the Consistency of Change

I remember (vaguely) attending a seminar one evening while I was in undergrad that would give me extra credit if I could write a one-page summary of the topic. The presentation was given by a mathematics professor at my school,... Continue Reading →

Millions of Peaches

This was the first thing that popped into my mind. All of a sudden I'm on a pool deck getting ready for swim practice. Move into the country and enjoy some Friday nostalgia. via Daily Prompt: Millions

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