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Letters to Friends

A Letter

I wonder, to what end will you pursue your goal? In a decade you have made me the center of your existence. The hatred you have cultivated is now your only purpose. If you achieve your aim, will you be... Continue Reading →

For Rachel

Don’t cry at my grave Don’t shed a tear My body you couldn’t save My soul moves on, no fear   In life I did my best Through ups and downs I passed my test With joyful sound   And... Continue Reading →

God Only Knows

I bet it drives you crazy when you see photos of them together. I bet I think about it more than you do. Maybe we think about it the same amount. Your thoughts are so loud I can't hear your mouth. You set us up... Continue Reading →

The Time Capsule

When mom and dad mentioned earlier this year they'd be selling the house this summer, only one thing came to mind: the time capsule you and I buried in the crawlspace. Remember? Dad decided to add on to the house... Continue Reading →

Oooooh, You’re My Best Friend!

The other day someone called me from a company based out of Ontario, asking if I’d give a reference for you. I contained my laugh, and agreed to tell them anything they’d like. Fortunately they never asked any intimate questions,... Continue Reading →

In the Place We Stayed

When I checked into the hotel I wasn’t really thinking about it. There wasn’t a reason for it to pop in my head. The lobby had been remodeled; it didn’t look anything like when we stayed there. Anyway, I don’t... Continue Reading →

I Heard the News Today

I heard the news today, oh boy… It was the last thing I expected to hear on an ice cold Friday morning. Last time I saw you, you had a smile on your face, happy to be out of a... Continue Reading →

That Time I Drove to Denver

You were right all along. It nearly killed me the first time I admitted that to myself. You were right. It was meant to be, but not forever. In the spiraling self-destruction you set in motion I found peace. As... Continue Reading →

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