Winter House: Chapter 12

Here it is, the last chapter of my serial novel. It’s been a lot of fun to write. It taught me a lot about my own style, gave me room to explore ideas and the courage to try something new. I’ve really had fun – kind of hate to close the book. But there are other worlds than these. If you’ve followed along, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Unlike their new house, Terre Haute had characteristics, rather than charm. A crude translation from French for “high valley,” the Thomas’s new city was a stark contrast from their Boulder, Colorado roots. Without the mountains, Terri felt directionally challenged. She wasn’t going to be finding those in Indiana any time soon. The air in Terre Haute was not crisp and clean. It had been tainted with years of manufacturing industry. Industry that once thrived as a direct result of the many railroad lines coursing through the town. Because the city sat in a valley, pollution hung in the atmosphere. And though many of those big, blue collar businesses were now gone, their influence was not lost.

Read the last chapter at National Road Magazine.

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