Winter House: Chapter 11

The penultimate chapter of this serial adventure brings the ever-present darkness face-to-face with the only man with the courage to face it.

He perched himself on top of the bookshelf to take a moment and think. There had been several times over the last sixty years when occupants of the house seemed to be aware of Ed’s presence. None of them, though, ever stopped what they were doing to look directly at him. It took much, much longer than a week for any of them to begin to take notice. Todd had done it in a matter of days.

“I told you,” a voice came from the stairwell, “you were not to directly interact with any of the occupants of the home.”

At once, Ed recognized who it was. The voice alone, slithery and just above a whisper, was unmistakable. He watched as the top of a bowler hat appeared over the edge of the top step, then a face, and soon after the 5’5” frame of a man wearing a grey suit with pink pinstripes stood in the doorway to the room. Mr. Bendermen’s face contorted in a smile that somehow managed to elongate his already football shaped head.

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