Go Ask ALICE: Through the Looking Glass

Part 3 of 3 in my series that attempts to map out part of the wonderland that is non-profit work. In this section I have a conversation with Richard Payonk, Executive Director of United Way of the Wabash Valley. 

SHUCK: There are almost fourteen hundred non-profits in Vigo County, almost $36 million in charitable giving based on 2015 tax data. What kind of impact is that making?

PAYONK: You look around and say, which social issue is getting better?

 SHUCK: None.

PAYONK: That’s because we’re all doing our own thing. Very well. But we’re not saying, let’s work on this generational poverty issue.

 SHUCK: A lot of people seem to have the preconceived notion that giving to an organization like United Way means their money doesn’t stay in a local community. Do you run into that?

PAYONK: All the time. People want to feel okay not donating. In fact, all the money stays here. We’re constantly trying to correct that myth. …People need to think broader.

Read the rest of the conversation at National Road Magazine.

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