Winter House: Chapter 8

After the creek, he turned south, as he was directed. The woods were thick. No path was visible, but Henry suspected if there were other former slaves living here, they preferred it that way.

Prairie had barely taken him a few yards into the woods when she stopped and became agitated. Looking over the forest floor, Henry expected to see a snake or other animal, but he found none. Briefly, he thought he smelled death again. The horse’s nervous demeanor held his attention though, and to avoid risk of being bucked off, he dismounted. He led Prairie forward until he found a small clearing.

A group of shanties littered the meadow. To his surprise, there were whites and negroes living together. Henry expected to find a group of struggling former slaves, but was pleased to see this was not the case. One man, a white man, set down a pail and walked to meet Henry.

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Reading Winter House for the first time? Start at the beginning of the end, with Chapter 1. 

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