Winter House: Chapter 6

What if you knew the history of the house you just purchased? What if that history was unsettling? What if all of the stories of the previous owners, which you thought were unrelated, turned out to be a series of events that decided your fate without asking?

The next installment of my serial novel, Winter House, is out now.

Wikvaya sat back from the tiny flames he had stoked in his kindling. The little orange blaze danced their way up, tickling the bottoms of the next layer of sticks. He watched the bark turn black and then, white. The change in the appearance of the wood gave him pause, and he remembered that winter would soon be upon them. How quickly the flames consumed the dead material, giving it a brief, last bright life before perishing within its own ashes. Those same ashes would give life to new growth. And so the cycle of the world would move on.


Continue reading at National Road Magazine.

Looking for the beginning? Read Chapter 1.

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