Why was Six Afraid of Seven?

Interpreting numerological traits can be a tricky business. A lot of people look at numerology as a form of entertainment. No different than looking up your daily horoscope in the newspaper. The information provided seems vague enough that the reader can divine whatever meaning they want to find. Take it or leave it.

Personally, I’ve had too many experiences to let myself believe this metaphysical tool is completely bogus. For instance, about ten years ago I started on a journey that at the time I didn’t even know was possible. Numerology operates in cycles of nine, so technically I’m ready to begin a new journey, starting back at square one. But that’s just one aspect of my life. Using this tool requires one to examine multiple factors including what is called a “personal year,” karmic debt, life path, monthly, weekly and daily influences.

There is some light debate on when personal years begin to affect an individual. Some say it happens at the beginning of the calendar year, others say it doesn’t begin until your “birth” year, which would start on your birthday and last for twelve months. I’ve gone back and forth on this. Usually I default to the birth year and for this example I refer to the previous paragraph.


What happened to me ten years ago was not an accident. A few months before my twenty-seventh birthday, I would have been coming to the end of a personal year identified by the number six. The traits of this number applied in such a way bring about an overwhelming sense of responsibility, a need to be community minded and family centered. I can definitely say I was feeling the overwhelming responsibility as well as the anxiety it generated. Though I didn’t know it then, this was also a transition period from the end of my six year into a seven.

Seven’s traits are opportunistic, but extremely heavy. Seven is what I refer to as “the philosopher’s number.” What I mean by that is that when we encounter these years we find ourselves poised to delve into self-discovery. If we’re paying attention, the universe will hand us experiences that can give us great insight to our own ability to grow and learn. If you’re not prepared for it, a seven year can be extremely harsh, in terms of meeting parts of yourself you have either ignored or refused to acknowledge.

Sixes are afraid of sevens because the latter years force us to leave the warm, family-focused nest of complacency to stand in front of a mirror and learn something about ourselves. But if we approach this transition armed with the understanding that this natural progression is not scary, but in fact there to help us grow, we eliminate the fear and see a chance to become something new.

I am on the cusp of the same transition I was ten years ago. I know that the coming year will be a year of self-defining, inner reflection. It needs to be, given the state of my life, and I’m grateful for the knowledge that lets me see this shift as another rung on the ladder. Hopefully it will be a far different experience than the last time, but I hope it will be equally as beneficial.

Once we enter the seven year it goes quickly. Then, seven, eight, nine.

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