Roamin’ Holiday: No Place Like Home

The third and final part of my series on a recent trip to Rome, why it’s important to travel, and how we can appreciate our homes when we return.

I did my best to express my gratitude for the patience shown to us when we had no idea what we were reading on labels in a deli. You may think you know the difference between cold cuts by looking at them, but have you ever tried to pick them out without reading the card first? And I wondered if this same kind of patience is shown to guests in the U.S. Surely in heavily traveled cities like New York this happens more than at the Steak ‘N’ Shake in Plainfield. But what would happen if a bus full of tourists wanting to taste Indiana wine at Chateau Thomas Winery rolled in for an early lunch? Would the patrons of the restaurant stare at the foreign oddities and mock them for coming to America without first learning the language? Is being able to order off the menu without guessing, a check-mark in what makes America great?

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