Who Will Speak for the Threes?!

Things happen in threes. That’s the saying, anyway. People always apply that phrase when unfortunate events seem to be raining down on them. Or, there are some things we share as a society, like Prince, Bowie and Cornell. We all join together, hold our breath, and chant the words that will save us from despair.

Over the last month I’ve taken several moments to consider how much, and for what, I express my gratitude. When I started this blog, there were several posts that highlighted things like car accidents, trees falling on buildings and the like. In each instance, I took the high road and though I was certainly frustrated, chose to look at the silver lining. I expressed my gratitude for each of those scenarios not being as bad as they could have been. It has occurred to me that the universe might be misinterpreting my messages of thanks for avoiding further misfortune. While I believe it is indeed important to remain positive, as much as one can, in the face of adversity, it is equally important to recognize the purpose of balance. Good and bad things happen together, like the ebb and flow of a tide.

Recently I have found myself at the end of yet another string of would-be threes. And, naturally, began to utter that comforting saying, praying that this was the third instance and the series would end. This last time I found myself sitting in a body shop in Columbus, Indiana, cursing the fact that I would have to spend $1,300 on a new drive shaft for my truck. The particular part that needed repair, you see, was actually easy to fix. But because I chose a four door pickup with a six and a half foot bed, this same part was welded into the driveshaft because of the added length. Had I purchased a truck with a five and a half foot bed, the repair would have been a couple hundred dollars. Still painful, but not nearly as shocking.

Other things in life have been piling up lately, on top of this most obvious “three” series. And so I sat in the body shop, for over four hours, trying to keep my composure. A woman that worked there, knew I was going to be sitting there for some time. As she left for lunch, she kindly offered to bring me back some coffee or a snack. Too overwhelmed, I politely declined and thanked her. A couple of hours later she offered again, on her way out to pick up her kids from school. I sheepishly thanked her, and declined her kind offer. Unwilling to relent, she approached me a short while later to give me a Coke and a Planter’s protein pack with assorted snacks. It was all I could do not to burst into tears.

Things happen in threes, it’s true. The combination of Bowie, Prince and Haggard was tough to take. Or was it Jackson, Haggard, Cobain? Maybe it was Winehouse, Cash and Petty. On a long enough line, things happen all the time. The important thing to remember is that while we sometimes have to watch the tide go out, we only have to wait a little while to watch it come back in.

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