A Day for Builders

Today is Friday the 13th. In October. If I were still in second grade there would be decorations all over my classroom. Black cats made from paper cutouts would adorn desks and chalk boards. My teacher would have placed a ladder in front of the doorway, forcing us all to walk under, and, potentially incur bad luck.

In my teenage years, this would mean getting together later in the night, likely at someone’s house where parents were not to be found. Turning off all the lights, passing a bowl of popcorn or *ahem* something else, holding hands under blankets and watching characters in hockey masks tear apart angsty teens in a horror flick.

Friday the 13th, though, has nothing to do with any of those things. The traditions we know and love, the paranoia of bad luck, all stems from a heinous act in history, in the year 1307. On October 13th of that year, a Friday, King Phillip IV of France conspired with Pope Clement V to raid the halls of the mysterious Knights Templar, seemingly destroying the order and robbing their vaults.

Image from Freethoughtalmanac.com

Because of the Order’s reach, rumors quickly spread describing the demise of the Knights. They were labeled as a demonic order, associated with witchcraft and evil, non-Christian traditions. Evolution of the traditions took hold and now we avoid black cats and try not to break mirrors on Friday the 13th. Or, at least, that’s how one version of the story goes.

I noticed something else today. It’s October 13th, 2017. You can also write it as 10-13-17. Since I’m weird and pay attention to odd things whether I choose to or not, I recognized a bit of numerological significance in today’s date. Let’s take a look.

The number ten, 10, is a double entendre in numerology. It should be reduced to a single digit, 1+0=1. The number one signifies a new beginning. But, a 10 signifies evolution, the next step after completing a full cycle of steps in numerology, 1 through 9.

Thirteen can be tricky. Before it is reduced to a single digit, 1+3=4, thirteen carries a karmic weight. It represents a challenge or difficulty. Its negative effects usually fall to blaming someone or something (black cats and broken mirrors) for your problems. The number is a universal call to identify something that is troubling you, accept responsibility for it, and work toward a solution. This is the primary characteristic of its reduced form, 4. The number four is “the builder.” A strong sense of order, science, achievement and organization follow when this number is used in its positive light.

As for the year, 17, this is a good number. Reduced, 1+7=8, we get a powerful representation of our own will. The number eight represents the ability to make sound decisions, command our surroundings to conform to our desires, and represent ourselves with executive characteristics. It is a strong, desirable trait.

Combined, 10-13-17 indicates a great day for making powerful decisions. I mean, c’mon, evolution, new beginnings, building and organizing, and the power of manifestation? Doesn’t sound so bad to me. Despite this date’s negative history, it is in fact a wonderful opportunity to seize the moment, and can have lasting, positive effects. A funny thing about today in particular though, is that 1+0+1+3+1+7=13. At first, it was like a double rainbow. Two “13s”?! What could it mean?! But then I realized it doesn’t mean anything, other than representing more opportunity.


If one 13/4 is enough to spark some consideration of opportunities before us, then two appearances should only signify the fact the universe is knocking on our proverbial doors. Given the state of things in the U.S., and the rest of the “western world,” maybe it’s not such a bad idea to take a step back, quit blaming other people or events for what’s happening to each of us in our insignificant little lives, and think about the big picture.

To add complexity, 13+13=26. And, 2+6=8 which is just another representation of our ability to get shit done in a positive way. Legend has it the Knights Templar evolved into what we now know as the Freemasons. Their organization’s rituals all tell their stories using allegories of builders. Regardless of what some insist is the foundation of the New World Order, most Freemasons I know are pretty cool old guys that do a lot of good work in their communities. They are figuratively trying to build a better tomorrow.

So, is Friday the 13th really unlucky? I suppose that depends on how you choose to look at it. There are two sides to every coin, positive and negative effects associated with every number (according to numerology). You can accept the karmic path and blame everything else around you for your problems, or you can organize your world and build something better.

Today, I think, is truly a day for builders.

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