For Rachel

Don’t cry at my grave

Don’t shed a tear

My body you couldn’t save

My soul moves on, no fear


In life I did my best

Through ups and downs

I passed my test

With joyful sound


And now I leave you

With colors of my life

Rainbows in morning dew

Don’t think on my strife


I know it hurts

It will for some time

Though I’ve left this earth

I didn’t leave you behind


Pieces of me remain

You hold them closely still

Remember I feel no pain

Your memories I happily fill


Of games and fun

Think often of our talks

Of grass and sun

Think often of our walks


I’ll still be there

When you climb your trees

When you comb your hair

When you’ve fallen to your knees


My life was full!

I achieved so much

I’ll never even know

All the people I touched


So don’t cry for me

Life gets better still

Visit all the seas

Travel where you will


Take me with you when you go

Where the sun still shines

Where the winds still blow

Keep me in your minds


I’ll always be present

Someday we’ll meet again

Our time together was heaven sent

I’m proud to have called you, Friend

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