Women for Trump: What it says about you

This will be it. My last post about this election among very few. If you know me, that’s saying a lot. I’ve made an extra effort to keep my rants to a minimum because not only will they get lost in the fold of media onslaught, I also can’t stand to spend so much energy being irritated all the time.

Let’s face it, none of us like the candidates we have to choose from. None of us believes any politician, at least on a Federal level, is one hundred percent honest. They’ve all done and said things that we, as the common American people have done ourselves. They’re not infallible. That’s the first mistake we make when we consider our leaders during each election: we assume we’ll be able to find someone better than us to lead the country. And yet, we walk in to the process knowing that no such candidate exists.

I’ve been a big fan of Barack Obama and I’ll own that statement. Hindsight will show just how well he’s managed to do his job in the face of a hostile Congress and international unrest. Certainly, somewhere in there, we will learn that he did something that the entire media will choose to focus on that will “prove” he was totally ineffective. But I won’t get upset because I didn’t expect him to save us. That’s our job, as a public. To take care of ourselves and each other. That’s called the human community.

It’s been a fickle thing, navigating conversations with friends around this election. I’ve shared before my struggle with wanting to respect the right of another American to have an opinion, at the same time wholly disagreeing with said perspective. The worst part of that uncomfortable situation is speaking with women that I know very well, who openly support women’s rights, who volunteer for organizations that support the pursuit of gender equity, who are still going to vote for Trump tomorrow.

The photo above was borrowed from an article written for the New York Post in May. It sought to find a way for Trump to reach female voters and blue-collar males. As we all know, things have changed since May. Trump wasn’t outed for horrific comments made about his treatment of women. For the majority of strong, independent women I know, the quotes from Trump released in the last two months, not to mention his very public comments in front of crowds of people regarding his opinions of women, these revealing tidbits made their blood boil. And if you truly respect women, as a man, it should make your blood boil too.

So to those women I know, and don’t, still supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States  of America, here are a few things that position tells me about you:

  1. You think all men, including your own husband, are superior to you. You probably won’t admit it in conversation, but deep down, you actually believe that when it comes down to it, men have the final say.
  2. You’re afraid of something. You think your husband’s job is to defend you from all threats, foreign and domestic. Which also means that you buy the rhetoric that all “immigrants” are a direct threat to our country. So that when I see you serving soup to that refugee family over the holidays, it’s not because you believe in participating in the human community, it’s because you genuinely think you’re better than they are, and deserve your pity.
  3. You’re not afraid of anything. And by that, I mean you’re happy to argue a point, as long as you can rely on the perceived strength of your male counterpart to step in and throw a punch if necessary.
  4. You’ve never studied history. If you had, you would instantly recognize the horrific path a leader like Donald Trump will steer the country down. Not even because he believes his own words, but because he’s so narcissistic he’ll say whatever it takes to get the crowd to roar. And that roaring crowd can get very, very dangerous.
  5. You don’t appreciate what you have. You have no concept of understanding what came before you to give you the empowerment you so desperately want. Other women fought, some of them died, for you to have the power to voice your opinion, and you’re still operating under the impression that it doesn’t matter.
  6. You care more about your own safety. Socially, economically, romantically, you need to feel safe. Submission to a man’s opinion is the only way you can feel secure. Your self-worth is minimal at best; better to play a role and be taken care of than to risk voicing your opinion and being out on your own.
  7. You don’t accept responsibility for your actions. Maybe your husband lost his job because a corporation moved its operating plants outside the U.S.A. Maybe you lost your job. It probably made you feel helpless. But instead of recognizing your own power as an individual human being, with the ability to change your circumstances, you chose anger toward the corporation, or elected official, or the dreaded Democrats.
  8. You don’t understand the responsibilities of the President. I heard one person say that if Trump wins, he can just file for bankruptcy to get rid of the incredible debt we owe to foreign constituencies. Apparently you think that the President, a strong, confident businessman, has the ability to completely bypass Congress, all of international law and natural human logic, wave a magic wand and solve all of your problems. All while not actually telling you his plan to accomplish this.
  9. You don’t think it can happen to you. You possess the uncanny ability to disassociate yourself from scenarios that “can’t happen to you”. Those women that claim Trump assaulted them? You can shrug them off because they probably started it. No “intelligent” woman would ever put themselves in a situation where they could be assaulted. That’s just the way men are, right? But then, why are you afraid of those immigrants?
  10. You can’t see the forest for the trees. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what age you are or whether or not you have a college diploma. The end of patriarchy is nearing. And rightfully so. You’re afraid to leave a way of life that you understand isn’t perfect, but it’s better than venturing into the unknown. You can’t see the strength of movement because you’re too busy being annoyed with the strong women leading the way.

The list could get bigger. Perhaps I’m being harsh. Maybe I’m making too many generalizations. But really, I don’t think so. I think you’re trapped in a system and don’t know how to get out of it. Guess what, that means you have more in common with that “other woman” raising two kids in a crappy neighborhood because her husband was killed in an accident and his corporation refused to report the incident so she could collect the death benefit.

Hillary? You think she should be in prison? I’m not really here to argue that point, but she has been through a lot of Senate hearings, FBI investigations and I think the CIA got involved over the weekend. They don’t seem to think she should go to prison.

What’s that?! Rigged elections?! I’m not here to argue that point either. In fact, you’re continuing to make my point by pivoting away from the real issue I do want to address. Women in this country, despite so many opportunities available to them, still feel powerless. The answer to that problem isn’t in continuing to submit, but rather to rise up, make your voice heard, and stand up for what you really believe in. If, at the end of the day, you really believe that voting for a man who thinks it’s okay to grab you by the pussy whenever he wants because he’s, well, a man, then who am I to stop you?

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