From the Rocks

“Shite that’s a big fall,” Arlen said, leaning over the cliff. The morning sea mist swirled in the breeze as the sun began to break over the horizon.

“How’d you find it?” asked Nolan. He turned to glance back at the American girl wrapped in a blanket. Mrs. MacCann was sitting with her, trying to get her to sip a cup of tea. An older gentleman was there too, traveling with the girl. Nolan thought maybe it was her father. He turned back to Arlen, who was still watching the waves toss below. The boat was beginning to make it’s way back around to the warf.

Arlen stood and turned to point. “That girl there said he’d gone missin’. Woke the innkeeper and he called us. Lucky he even got an answer, nuthin’ happens in the middle o’ the night here.”

“Is there anythin’ I can do for ya?” Nolan asked.

“Don’t think so. I can only imagine what the paperwork on this’ll be like. An American boy away on a school trip. We’ll have to get the Professor down to identify ‘im.”

Nolan felt his face turn down. “Wouldn’t let the girl near ‘im. It’s bad ‘nough as it is. I reckon the boy was bludgeoned pretty good from the fall. From the rocks, y’know.”

Letting out a sigh, more at the lack of sensitivity from Nolan, Arlen said, “Yeah, I know.”


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