Midnight Twinkle

Martin pressed the indiglo button and checked his watch. 8:38 p.m. He looked up to his two children as they walked down their neighbor’s sidewalk. “Okay gang, I think that about does it.” Marcy, the nine-year-old, looked at him with her My Little Pony painted face. “Awwwww, do we have to?!” “Yeah, dad, we haven’t even […]

On the Consistency of Change

I remember (vaguely) attending a seminar one evening while I was in undergrad that would give me extra credit if I could write a one-page summary of the topic. The presentation was given by a mathematics professor at my school, the subject was Chaos Theory. You may recognize the term from Jeff Goldblum’s character in […]

So, This Happened

I did it. It was honestly the first time since I have been able to vote that I completed the action, and it hurt. Much like the rest of the country I walked into the local courthouse a little confused, a little reserved. My enthusiasm for this election is not at its peak. I wish […]

Salvation (an excerpt)

The gray haze of Midwestern humidity hung over the stopped traffic on Interstate 70. Matthew clicked the radio on to hear the news while he waited for the wheels to start turning again. Commuting to his office in St. Louis from Illinois was getting old. Every morning he regretted listening to his wife, convincing him […]

Underground, Never Found

I can’t say I have anything specific for this word, underground. Save for the phrase that popped into my head that I used as the title. A quick web search for “never found” yields images of the quote: “Lost time is never found.” Apparently Benjamin Franklin said it. Honestly I’d never encountered it before. The image […]

Thank you, Donald Trump

Now wait just a second. You haven’t even read the entire post yet. So before you start commenting or blocking me, take some time to hear me out. I’ve avoided the current American political embarrassment as often as possible. Rarely do I willingly turn on the news in the morning with my regular cup of […]