Salvation (an introduction)

In the darkness there is, something. Philosophers have said that evil is merely the absence of good. That the very word, “evil”, is a simple description we use to describe the absence of an omnipresent being. The problem with that argument is if a being is omnipresent, all things must exist in it. The same justification can be made for using the word “good”. For centuries intelligent men and women have debated the existence of an all-knowing god. Messages were misinterpreted, reinterpreted, manipulated and formed to fit those who so readily shared them. Through world-ending disasters truth became story, which became legend and eventually myth. Several times over, new theories of everything sprung up in an attempt to explain our reason for being. How did we get here?

What are the odds that we could rise up out of the primordial slime to be self-aware in a universe that has been repeatedly shown to contain infinite possibilities? If we ourselves demonstrate the power to create art, music and machines surely there must have been something that created us. Certainly, nothing comes out of nothing. Whether it was god spitting into a few grains of sand he held in his hand, or the collective series of events set in motion by a meteor that happened to carry certain bacteria from the outer depths of space to the surface of our earth. We could not have simply been a result of the roll of a pair of dice. And so we attempt to categorize ourselves using matrices and constructs that rely on our already limited understanding. This presents us with an insolvable problem because we need to be able to think using reason currently beyond our means. Well, beyond most of our means. After all, the majority of science and religion is speculation.  It is at this point though, regardless of whether it is god or aliens, that if we are permitted to exist here in the light, then in the darkness there is, most certainly, something.

I’m going to tell you a story. It is not about interpretation of ancient philosophy. It is not to enlighten you, or cause the synapses of your brain to fire in a new and all-seeing way. This story is dangerous. It is so because it comes directly from your future. Despite what you have been led to believe up until this point, your experience is not unique. By experience I refer to the seemingly random happenings you encounter as your heart rhythmically beats to the electrical impulses your brain sends through a network of nerves a thousand times per second to every part of your body. This process occurs for billions upon trillions of living things across the universe each day. In fact this story will likely make you feel completely insignificant. Yet, the part you play in this eons-old tale carries immense importance. For you, like the main character, are simply trying to live your life. Unfortunately your life is not your own. You do not live up to your potential, nor have any idea that potential is truly limitless.

But there is hope.


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