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“Dogs and kids, you can’t fool them when it comes to rotten.” – Reparation This movie was filmed in my hometown in Indiana. It was written by some pretty amazing people, and put together over a long period of time. It’s won awards at film festivals all over the country. Keep an eye out, it […]

Line in the Sand

Firstly, I recognize this post will slowly sink into the abyss that is the realm of discussion revolving around this year’s presidential election in the U.S. I promise you, though, this isn’t a post about the candidates, or their positions, or their respective faults, or advantages or whatever the fuck you want to argue about. […]

Circumcising the Mosquito

In a car, driving close to ninety miles an hour on the TX-130 toll road outside of Austin, headed north to Dallas, I was listening to ESPN radio. Normally it’s just background noise. You can’t really let yourself be distracted when you’re driving anywhere in Texas, particularly on a major road. The traffic is abhorrent, […]

Salvation (an introduction)

In the darkness there is, something. Philosophers have said that evil is merely the absence of good. That the very word, “evil”, is a simple description we use to describe the absence of an omnipresent being. The problem with that argument is if a being is omnipresent, all things must exist in it. The same […]

The Wrinkle In My Time

I rolled my eyes behind unwilling negotiation and cut a deal. If he read the first three books sent by his mother, which would only take a Saturday afternoon, he would read one of my choices next. The boy complied, and for the time I was sated. As the first Saturday afternoon approached evening, I viciously chewed my fingernails with anticipation. Sunday he could take A Wrinkle in Time, a bottle of water, march out to the treehouse and prepare to have his mind blown.

Commuter Woes

The left turn into the office was literally the worst. At 8 a.m. the sun was barreling down the four lane highway, doing its best to blind any commuter trying to make it east on a Monday morning. Nothing short of blacked-out sunglasses and tinted windows could prevent Kara’s retinas from what would certainly be […]