I am grateful for…

…my first-world problems. That’s right, I’m grateful. About a month ago, a large tree fell in the back of our property during a particularly windy evening. When I say large tree, I mean at least 100 feet tall. It fell, missing our garden and watering system. The tree also missed the power lines by about […]

The Time Capsule

When mom and dad mentioned earlier this year they’d be selling the house this summer, only one thing came to mind: the time capsule you and I buried in the crawlspace. Remember? Dad decided to add on to the house in the early 90s instead of moving. After they dug out the space for the […]

The Girl on the Bench

The Write-In: Day 2 Instead of going to a coffee shop today, I decided to get outside and try something different. The two and a half pages of story I managed the day before were less than encouraging. How could writing be this hard? The sun was out so I went to the park down […]

The Write-In

Day 1 I went to the bookstore to write today. I never do that, but there’s a coffee bar inside and being surrounded by words seemed like it would be great inspiration. I wandered around the shelves for a bit, ending near the graphic novels and comics, as usual. Buying books is overwhelming to me. You […]

Oooooh, You’re My Best Friend!

The other day someone called me from a company based out of Ontario, asking if I’d give a reference for you. I contained my laugh, and agreed to tell them anything they’d like. Fortunately they never asked any intimate questions, or pined for gooey details. Also fortunately, I don’t have a lot of that information. […]

In the Place We Stayed

When I checked into the hotel I wasn’t really thinking about it. There wasn’t a reason for it to pop in my head. The lobby had been remodeled; it didn’t look anything like when we stayed there. Anyway, I don’t remember the lobby, I remember the four walls that kept us company for a weekend. […]

I Heard the News Today

I heard the news today, oh boy… It was the last thing I expected to hear on an ice cold Friday morning. Last time I saw you, you had a smile on your face, happy to be out of a job that you hated and in a new one that at least kept you busy. […]